There are different reasons as to why it is important to listen to customers and interest groups in social networks, and each one of them has its own individual level of importance that is linked to the business objective of each brand or industry. We have identified 3 major ways of listening that are common in different industries.


In this post we will talking about passive listening as an one of the ways of Social Media Listening and your best practices (you can also read the full report here), within this field, the following practices are currently highlighted:

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Si buscas un lugar donde puedas dejar tu marca, desarrollarte profesionalmente y que te posibilite aprender y profundizar en tecnologías como AngularJS, Node.jsBower, JSLint, D3.js  para el desarrollo de UI/UX de productos que procesan grandes volúmenes de datos (Big Data), en Socialmetrix hay un lugar para vos.


Envianos tu curriculum a  para que podamos agendar una entrevista directamente con nuestro CTO.

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See what your competitors are doing by Listening


Social media listening tools look at a vast amount of information so they can create some interesting data that will help businesses to target key areas for development. Social media listening can be used to generate leads, find influencers and identify key sites. However, what is often overlooked is how these tools can be used to analyze competitors.

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Listening: una herramienta cada día más importante


El Social Listening ofrece oportunidades para interactuar directamente con los consumidores y con aquellos que se proyectan como clientes potenciales.


Si uno realmente quiere ver resultados, no se trata de abrir una cuenta y mirar los tweets que hablan de su marca; se trata de escuchar y responder de modo estratégico a lo que la gente dice. Pero no es sólo escuchar, es entender primero de qué se está hablando y comprender el contexto antes de responder: ¿Estamos escuchando una tendencia general o es algo puntual del momento? ¿El sentimiento positivo es generado por una publicidad o por un producto que se lanzó recientemente al mercado?

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São Paulo, agosto de 2014 - A Associação Brasileira dos Agentes Digitais (ABRADi) lança agora o Mapa de Mídias Sociais. O projeto procurou reunir os agentes do País que prestam serviços relacionados às redes sociais. O mapeamento das empresas – organizadas  de acordo com suas expertises – foi realizado pelo Comitê de Mídias Sociais da ABRADi e levou em conta somente os agentes com atividade comercial formal no Brasil.

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Do you know the real size of your audience?


Socialmetrix Echo now provides a new feature: “Unique Authors”. This new feature will help you identify the scope of the audience that actively participates in the social networks that you analyze.


The qualitative analysis of mentions to brands that you analyze is just as important as being able to assess the actual size of your audience and the impact of their comments. Therefore, as part of our set of audience metrics, we implemented “Unique Authors.”

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Miami; Florida, August 25nd 2014


Socialmetrix is a leading social media analytics and monitoring company with extensive expertise in providing strategic and actionable information to more than half of the Fortune 100 companies worldwide.


Today, Socialmetrix officially announced that opened a new office in Miami, FL initiating activities on July 1st 2014, aligned with its expansion plans. The new Miami office is focused on business development efforts to continue growing the company’s client base.

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Miami; Florida, August 25nd 2014.



Latin3, the Latin Agency of the Digital Era, incorporated Socialmetrix technology to offer a next generation service based on a different way of understanding social networks conversations. Social Lead GenerationTM is the monitoring solution that analyses consumer’s buying needs, with the aim of finding sales opportunities for their clients.

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