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Extracting meaning from data

In my opinion, Data Visualization (or Information Visualization) is a discipline with a variety of objectives and approaches that can be carried out via a range of outputs including statistical, artistic, cartographic, traffic measurement, medical simulation, etc. However, beyond its practical applications, in general it is usually carried out based on a few premises that [...]

Socialmetrix on CNN

Here’s CNN´s interview with Socialmetrix CEO Martín Enriquez, during which our report on twitter’s Post-Earthquake role was discussed.

Why get involved in Social Media?

A few days ago someone Retweeted a very good article called, “Where do I begin? Steps to follow for companies in social media”. This article, combined with a few  conversations with clients, left me thinking. I believe it’s not only important to know where to begin, but also, Why begin? Slowly, companies are beginning to [...]

Efficient business management based on social information

A series of conferences related to “Efficient business management based on social information” took place yesterday at the University of Palermo. The event was a large success not only in terms of attendance but because we were able to achieve the aforementioned goal of generating sufficient interest in the subject amongst participants. We would like [...]

Socialmetrix, the leading Multicultural Social Media monitoring tool

On March 10th, the Huffington Post wrote an article titled, “Why SMX Echo is the Leading Multicultural Social Media Monitoring Tool.” All of us at Socialmetrix would like to thank the author Ramón Nuez for the article, which we are very happy about and which motivates us to keep moving forwards with our work.

Socialmetrix event – efficient business management based on social information

The communication paradigm has changed and marketing no longer involves one means of communication. Every message sent on the Internet initiates a vital dialog that a company needs to listen to in order to know what people are saying online. Socialmetrix and the University of Palermo invite you to broaden your understanding of topics related to [...]


“Socialmetrix Echo has allowed us to analyze the results of our actions and releases, to understand our users reactions to them and to improve our messages in order to communicate with them in the most appropriate way.”

— Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at ESET

“Socialmetrix allowed us to approach and learn much more about our customers and thus about ‘our customers´ customers’, optimizing results in a much more efficient manner. It is an easy-to-use and very complete tool.”

— Alejandro DiPaola, CEO at DiPaola

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