Check out Socialmetrix Labs web and make a test in Spanish to see how SentiTweet works. As a demo it delivers a feedback of 15 tweets, as a sample of its ability to analyze thousands of tweets instantly

The ‘automatic sentiment analysis’ is a task that is becoming increasingly important as social networks grow. It consists of certain rules and procedures for classifying opinions without manual intervention. That is the reason why we are presenting the ‘SentiTweet’ prototype, a new tool that determines if an opinion on Twitter is positive, neutral or negative. Do you have to analyze many opinions instantly to assess the progress of your campaign or product? Need to show an appreciation trend graphic of your brand and compare it to other products? Do you want to identify users who are speaking good things about you? Are you worried about those tweets that suddenly began to criticize your product and you want to know right away? The automatic sentiment analysis is one of the strategies that can help you to decide.

We will continue sharing projects at Socialmetrix Labs, if you are interested in working with this type of technologies send us your personal data to .