· As displayed in the voting surveys, in social networks and online media, Pino Solanas and Daniel Filums fight for second place in the total number of mentions (positive, negative and neutrals, falling behind first place Mauricio Marcri).

· Mauricio Macri has more negative mentions than positive. However, the opposite is seen with opponents Daniel Filmus and Pino Solanas

Buenos Aires, July 6, 2011- Socialmetrix, the Social Media Analytics leader in Latin America, made a report on the leading three candidates of next Buenos Aires City Elections listed with the best vote intent, by monitoring opinions through online media and social networks in Argentina.

By using the Socialmetrix Echo tool from June 5 to July 4, a total of 6879 (positive, negative, and neutral) mentions were given about the candidates who will possibly be the future governance of the city.

Of the total mentions, 45.3% corresponds to Mauricio Macri, giving him the first place spot, following with Daniel Filmus with 27.4% and Pino Solanas with 27.3%. See Figure 1.













Analyzing only the positive mentions, Mauricio Macri continues to be in first place with 44.3%, followed by Daniel Filmus with 31.8% above Pino Solanas with 23.9%.

The same applies to the negative mentions. Macri receives the largest portion with 66.9% , followed by Daniel Filmus (18.2%) above Pino Solanas (14.9%).

In conclusion, if we compare the positive and negative mentions obtained by each candidate, the results indicate the following balances:
- Mauricio Macri: -22.6%
- Daniel Filmus: +13.6%
- Pino Solanas: +9.0%

On the other hand, the report shows that while peaks are detected in the total amount of mentions, the results show an increasing trend of references as it nears the date of the elections. See Figure 2.











Other results from the research:

When Pino Sonanas announced his candidacy on May 2nd, he received 78.3% of the daily mentions, followed by Mauricio Macri with 15.8% and Daniel Filmus with 5.8%.
When Mauricio Macri announced on May 13th via Twitter that Maria Eugenia Vidal would be his running mate, 75.8% of the daily mentions were about the current head of governement. Also that day, Pino Solanas received 14.6% of the mentions followed by Daniel Filmus with 9.6%.
When Daniel Filmus annouced his candidancy on May 21nd, 55% of the mentions referred to the return of the canidate to fight tthe city governance, while the Proyecto Sur added 24.9% mentions following Mauricio Macri with 20.1%.