This new product will allow monitoring public and private events, better understanding of your audience and generating more impact on the web in real time

Buenos Aires,  May 14th 2012 – Socialmetrix, the leading Social Media Analytics company in Latin America, today announces Eventia ´s launch, a new tool for online event coverage in real time, which allows better understanding of your audience and generating more impact on the web while the event is taking place.

Thanks to this new launch brought by Socialmetrix you can obtain metrics and insights on participants, discover which elements stand out, or which details need to be modified in order for the event to be a success and gets the expected online impact.

Eventia provides metrics in real time, displays latest tweets and top hashtags associated with the event, geolocation of tweets, identification of most active users in the conversation, line/area graphs containing information on the last 15 minutes and the last 24 hours and a final event report.

The tool can be used to monitor any type of event, whether it is public or private, including: conferences, seminars, product launches, elections, sporting competitions, television programs, concerts, etc.

The interface is easy to use and intuitive, and can be configured in the following languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

The monitoring is made through an easy to use and intuitive interface, that allows to be configured in the following languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese;  and to choose the units configured for online coverage, for example a public figure, a TV program, a conference room, a lecturer, etc. The configuration and activation only takes a few minutes.

Martín Enríquez, CEO at Socialmetrix, said: “This tool has already been used to monitor 2011 presidential elections in Argentina and after receiving a positive feedback we decided to optimize and officially launch it as a commercial product”. And then he added: “Monitoring an event ´s impact in real time will allow the organizers to make adjustments to achieve their audience satisfaction”. 

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About Socialmetrix

Socialmetrix is the leading SaaS Social Media Analytics Company in Latin America. Its solutions are focused on providing Relevant, Ready and Easy to use information for effective decision making through all the company’s value chain.

In 2011 Socialmetrix received Series A investment from A&N Media, part of DMGT, the largest and most traditional multimedia group in the UK. A&N Media made the decision to invest in Socialmetrix after having monitored its rapid growth in South America during the past two years.

Founded in 2008, Socialmetrix was awarded in several innovation competitions, for example in 2009 with a special mention from La Red Innova as one of the most innovative companies in Ibero America, and in 2010 the team was awarded as “2010 Endeavor Emerging Entrepreneurs of the Year”