Socialmetrix CEO Martín Enriquez was interviewed by Argentine newspaper La Nación. Here’s the link to the article and a few paragraphs from the audio file:

Martín Enriquez - CEO SocialMetrix

In times which saw information flow through ever-increasing channels online, Martín Enríquez understood that it could be very valuable for a brand to find out what was being said about it in forums, blogs, social networks, etcetera. Socialmetrix developed a technological tool that automatically navigates the Internet to search diverse sources for relevant opinions in a random and probabilistic manner. The information obtained is analyzed and classified as positive, negative or neutral.

If one considers that in Argentina there are approximately 18 million users connected, the information that can be gathered can be very beneficial in terms of brand positioning.

The tool has been available in Argentina, Chile and Mexico since the start of this year. The firm also has plans to expand to Brazil, The United States and Spain, and to have a physical presence in each of these locations. “Perception is very good, I couldn’t have imagined a better setting,” said Enríquez.