We know how important is to know what is going on with your brand even when you are not in frot of your computer.
That is the reason why we are launching the most advanced Alerts Module in the market, available for free at your Socialmetrix Echo.

What types of alerts can I set up?

You can set up three types of Alerts,

1.Variation Alerts

a. Brand/Product/Campaign mentions.

b. With specific sentiment (Positive, Negative or Neutral).

c. From a specified set of regions.

d. The number of comments is above a threshold (low, medium or high).

2. Alerts with content such as:

a. Brand/Product/Campaign mentions.

b. From a specified set of regions.

c. Have text that matches a user defined boolean expression of words and/or phrases

3. Tweets Alerts containing text which matches word o phraseque tienen un texto que coincide con una palabra o frase.

Also you can edit or delete the Alerts in a very simple and intuitive way.

Where do I receive the Alerts?

You will receive the Alerts at the email (or emails) selected on the Alert set up.

How often will i receive the Alerts?

The Alerts can be set up to be received in two ways:

I. Each time a valide message is detected according to sept up Alert.

II. Each 1, 2, 6, 12 or 24hs. In this case all valide detected messages will be receive on the same email.

Where can I create Alerts?

At your Socialmetrix Echo, go to the “Configuration” tab and then to ¨Alerts¨.
Through that submenu you will be able to create, edit or delete alerts according to your needs in only three steps.