- This is a new feature that has been added to the Socialmetrix Echo platform and is now available in the market

- Allows you to identify benchmarks, set goals, and measure the results of actions generated on Twitter in a very simple and intuitive way

Buenos Aires, July 13, 2011- Socialmetrix, the leading Latin America Social Media Analytics company, introduced a new feature for the Socialmetrix Echo tool that will allow in-depth analysis and a comprehensive monitoring of different users of Twitter which enable companies and individuals to identify their level of performance.

Thanks to this new application, users who use the Echo platform can identify benchmarks, set objectives and measure results of actions generated in a very simple and intuitive way. Among other things, this feature provides access to key metrics of each user, compares the performance of each – or own competitor – shows the most active conversational profiles of the selected user and the most active themes and tweets where they are mentioned.

From now on, customers and current users of Socialmetrix Echo can obtain relevant information and exhaustive registered in one of the main social networks in the region, and at the same time, you will have the possibility of instantly updating reports, strengthening its decision-making process.

“We are constantly looking for better intuitive solutions that enable our customers to understand what is happening on the web and help them make effective decisions,” commented Gustavo Arjones (CTO) and Francisco Lemos (Interface & Data Visualization) of Socialmetrix. “We believe that with this new feature we take an important step in our strategy of differentiation, always based on innovation as a fundamental premise,” they added.

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Socialmetrix currently offers two products in the market, which are already being used by leading companies in all Latin America and United States. The first, Socialmetrix Echo, is a fully customizable solution to the needs of each client, which monitors not only the field of social media, but also the traditional online media. The second, Socialmetrix Brands, monitors a universe of marks predefined in different regions and industries, giving customers the ability to compare and analyze hundreds of brands in different languages and regions or countries.

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About Socialmetrix

SocialMetrix is a Social Media Analytics company leader in Latin America. Its solutions focus on providing information ready to use, relevant and accessible for effective decision making throughout the entire value chain of the company.

Founded in 2008, Socialmetrix has been awarded in various competitions for innovation. In 2009, it received a special mention in the Innovation Network as one of the most innovative companies in Latin America, and in 2010 the team was awarded “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Endeavor 2010.”