Archivos mensuales: December 2009

Users want to be heard

eMarketer published an article called, “Social Media Users Want to Be Heard”. Two points really caught my attention. The first is related to the reliability of online information. According to the article, one-half of users “claimed they could ‘easily’ tell whether information they got from social media was true”. As I understand it, this confirms [...]

Socialmetrix a winner at Buenos Aires Emprende 2009

Socialmetrix was selected as one of the winning companies of Buenos Aires Emprende 2009. The Undersecretariat of Economic Development revealed the list of the 2009 winners of the “Buenos Aires Emprende” program, which consists of 61 innovative business projects. The 61 projects were chosen from a list of 115 projects that had been pre-selected through [...]

Monitoring Social Media: a lot more than collecting opinions

From traditional search engines, Google Alerts, and the analysis of search tendencies in Twitter, through to corporate tools—such as those of Socialmetrix—that capture and present information from different online sources, viewing it as positive or negative, obtaining information is within arm’s reach. In recent years, the information that we count on has not only increased [...]


“Socialmetrix Echo has allowed us to analyze the results of our actions and releases, to understand our users reactions to them and to improve our messages in order to communicate with them in the most appropriate way.”

— Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at ESET

“Socialmetrix allowed us to approach and learn much more about our customers and thus about ‘our customers´ customers’, optimizing results in a much more efficient manner. It is an easy-to-use and very complete tool.”

— Alejandro DiPaola, CEO at DiPaola

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