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A good recipe requires the precise amount of each ingredient

Tomorrow I’ll be giving a talk on Social Media and E-mail Marketing so I thought it would be interesting to demystify this supposed rivalry. Since Social Media’s use by companies has became all the rage, there have been supporters and critics of both Social Media and E-mail Marketing, with the debate being “one or the [...]

Socialmetrix at Email Marketing Made Simple

On Tuesday October 26th, 2010, I’ll be giving a talk (Juan Damia) with Jonathan Baldovino at EMMS 2010 (Email Marketing Made Simple), one of the most important E-mail Marketing events of the year. Because Social Media is one of the stars of the event, we were invited to participate and will talk about how to measure [...]

In Twitter, send Tinelli

While reading Tweets yesterday I saw one by Gabriela Pellegrino that I found interesting: @gabypellegrino According to a Weblosophy report, Fort surpasses Tinelli in blog, Twitter, Youtube and Google mentions (pdf) I decided to go to our platform Socialmetrix Echo which monitors different Latin American TV programs and actors, to see if at some [...]

The experience of participating on Endeavor International Selection Panel

First of all, I don’t think I have enough words to tell how glad I’m to be participated of the 36th ISP – Pebble Beach, California, CA, it was amazing, through local panel we face taught questions that helped us to rethink key process on the company, also realize Unique Value Proposition that we weren’t [...]

Disambiguation: what is it and why is it so important?

The importance of “listening to what is being said” about us, our brands, products, etc. is already quite clear. Today, there are many platforms that make it possible to carry out this type of monitoring. At Socialmetrix, one of the developments that we are particularly focused on in the Socialmetrix echo platform is the disambiguation [...]

Socialmetrix: Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Juan Manuel Damia, Gustavo Arjones and Martín Enríquez, Socialmetrix’s founding members, were selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs at Endeavor’s International Selection Panel Nº36 which took place recently in California, USA, as is mentioned in TechCrunch. Being an Endeavor Entrepreneur is an enormous pride. Endeavor promotes the transformation of talented, ethical and innovative entrepreneurs with growth potential, as [...]


“Socialmetrix Echo has allowed us to analyze the results of our actions and releases, to understand our users reactions to them and to improve our messages in order to communicate with them in the most appropriate way.”

— Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at ESET

“Socialmetrix allowed us to approach and learn much more about our customers and thus about ‘our customers´ customers’, optimizing results in a much more efficient manner. It is an easy-to-use and very complete tool.”

— Alejandro DiPaola, CEO at DiPaola

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