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B2C marketers more “social” than B2B marketers

According to a report by digital marketing agency White Horse (published by eMarketer) B2BMarketers (business to business) have not been working all that hard, or better said, not in the area of Social Marketing, compared to their “brothers” the B2C Marketers (business to consumer). However, B2B marketers are more active, meaning they have Social Media [...]

Small businesses plan to grow with the help of social media

According to a report published by eMarketer, 36% of U.S. small businesses plan to use Social Media Web sites, primarily Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Companies that provide E-mail Marketing solutions say that they find their small-business clients to be optimistic regarding their economic projections for the year 2010, and 70% were expecting to see economic [...]

Build brand reliability with “sophisticated consumers”

The Internet and its associated technologies have resulted in consumers becoming more sophisticated. According to the report “Your Brand: At Risk or Ready for Growth” published by Alterian, technological change has caused consumers to become cynical. Almost all of the study’s respondents conducted their own research and made comparisons before purchasing a product. Seventy-one percent [...]

By 2014, more than 65% of Internet users will regularly use social networks

According to eMarketer’s “Social Networks Demographics and Usage” report, by the year 2014 more than two-thirds of Internet users around the world will be regularly using social networks. That adolescents and young adults use social networks is old news. What’s new is related to adults, who are invading social networks. “The connections and interactions that [...]

Martín Enriquez – Socialmetrix CEO at ICARE – How will the consumer change?

This past Tuesday May 18th, Martín Enriquez, CEO and part of the Socialmetrix team, spoke on the topic, “How will the consumer change?” We’d like to thank ICARE for the opportunity and Martín for doing such an excellent job representing Socialmetrix. Martin Enriquez – How will the consumer change? – ICARE View more presentations from [...]

Gustavo Arjones – Socialmetrix CTO and team member at OM Expo Latino – San Pablo

Here is Gustavo Arjones’ presentation on Social Media from Online Marketing Expo Latino, held in San Pablo. We are all proud to count on Gustavo Arjones as part of the Socialmetrix team! Here is the video: And here is the presentation: OMGExpo: School of tools for social media monitoring View more presentations from Socialmetrix.

Happy Internet day!

It seems as if it were only yesterday that people said the Internet wasn’t going to prosper, that it was something for a few “geeks” and not something that represented “the people”. I think the following graph speaks for itself. Happy Internet day! Click here for more information on Internet day.

SMXEcho much more than Social Network Monitoring

Without a doubt one of the most frequently heard words today in the Digital Marketing industry is SocialMedia. If we could see a cloud of the tags of terms, SocialMedia would be the largest of all (possibly along with Twitter and Facebook). I think it’s important that we separate some of the terms that today [...]


“Socialmetrix Echo has allowed us to analyze the results of our actions and releases, to understand our users reactions to them and to improve our messages in order to communicate with them in the most appropriate way.”

— Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at ESET

“Socialmetrix allowed us to approach and learn much more about our customers and thus about ‘our customers´ customers’, optimizing results in a much more efficient manner. It is an easy-to-use and very complete tool.”

— Alejandro DiPaola, CEO at DiPaola

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