Thanks to the feedback we get from our customers, we are constantly aware of the needs that show up regarding social media monitoring and we use this information to continue working towards offering a better service every day.

Searching for new features that could make Socialmetrix Echo´s reports even easier, today we are happy to announce some great news, we introduce “Tags”, and let´s see how it works and what it is useful for.

What is it?

The labels or tags are classifications that can be applied to all the captured opinions that you visualize in the platform.

To create a tab, go to any captured opinion and on the left panel you will see the “Tags” cell, select the “[+] New Tag” option.

You can choose the tag name and tag as many opinions as you need.


Why is useful?

This will let you identify, organize, group or associate them under the same name, to generate a sub classification and to use this label to generate reports or to export information.

You have two options to see the tagged opinions: by using the “Export comments” button you can export a file that now includes a column called “Tags” (it could be one tag or many). The other option is by a graph at Dashboard>Tags.


And there’s much more to come, so stay tuned…


Good analysis!

Marisol Castillo

Product Manager